The Technology

The Intelligent Monitoring Control System is based on a single board Android Computer with 3.5G HSPA mobile network access.
The hardware platform includes a “state-of-the-art” server platform and industrial sensor suite combined with a scalable and pervasive cloud based server architecture.

The system consist of the following equipment and services:

IME – The Control Unit
The IME receive data from the sensors and equipment controllers in operation, and transmit these to the cloud backend server via a 2/3G cellular link.
​The computer in the WSCU is an embedded high performance Android based unit, enabled to serve as many sensor notes as you wish.

IMS – The Standard Humidity and Temperature sensor
The IMS logs levels of relative humidity and temperature in a proximity range, and transmit these data via a low-power proprietary wireless link.

IMR – The Power Interface Unit
The IMR is a smart adaptor to install on the power cord attached to an external unit, e.g. a dehumidifier.
Having the IMR install, you will be able to monitor the equipment and operate it remotely.
​This includes detecting weather it is in operation, measure the power consumption and switching it on and of.

IME – The Concrete Sensor
While the relative humidity level and temperature measured in the air above the wet surfaces will give you a good indication of the general state of the scene, the WSCS can be installed in a xxx, monitoring humidity and temperature levels deep into materials like concrete.

The IME is equipped with 2 probes of 40mm and 100mm length from the housing. In addition, an extension cord can be applied, which enhance the sensors range into materials or constructions not reachable by standard equipment.

​The IME is designed to be used with xx, but can be operated without too. If a dehumidifier stops running, an alarm is generated and will appear in the dashboard.