About The Danterm Intelligent Monitoring Control System

When water has flooded the basement in a house, when moisture is the problem under roof, or when mold is appearing on the back of a closet, the humidity and temperature levels in the materials and in the surrounding air, are the main factor to monitor.

In the traditional Damage Control Industry, the operator measures these values manually, or collects them via a datalogger. This requires many visits at the scene, and consequently it adds significantly to the costs.

Dantherm Intelligent Monitoring A/S will change this habit! By using our mobile sensor network to monitor the damaged scene, and log data remotely, the visits to the scene can be reduced significantly.
As a consequence, Dantherm Intelligent Monitoring A/S provides a variety of data and statistics from the case that via our administration tools can be used in documentation of the work and effort provided at the scene.

All this information can be sorted and fed into a damage control report, generated by our service module.

Besides logging data of humidity and temperature levels in various places in the damaged scene, electronic equipment can be operated and monitored as well.

All data is presented in a dashboard where the system can be managed and programmed.

The Intelligent Monitoring Control System is through “a state of the art” sensor integrated with Dantherm CDT dehumidifiers which makes it possible to extracts data in the dashbord from the dehumidifiers and remote control this.