Unique Technology

The Dantherm Intelligent Monitoring A/S is based on a single board Android Computer with 3.5G HSPA mobile network access. This low-cost hardware platform based on a “state-of-the-art”  server platform and industrial sensor suite combined with a scalable and pervasive cloud based server architecture sets the solution apart from traditional solutions that are either involving DIY electronics with no service component, or based on professional systems that are hard to maintain and require expert staff to fully utilize and maintain.

The Intelligent Monitoring Control System is designed in close cooperation with leading experts in the analysis of humidity caused damages in building materials, but unlike expensive professional systems used by these very experts, our technology is easy to install, easy to use and most importantly, the data generated by the Intelligent Monitoring Conttrol is immediately and easily available from any device and any number of users  worldwide through cloud based infrastructure and smartphone and xPad apps and software.