About Us

In 2012 Mr. Hans H. H. Hansen came up with the idea and the concept for Dantherm Intelligent Monitoring A/S a result of many years of research and experience with mobile and smartphone enabled solutions. Early on Mr. Henrik Sick Hansen joined the company bringing in experience from the service industry and the damage control industry.

The company was founded with venture capital from CAT Zealand Accelerace Invest. After an extensive market study and interviews with key players in the field it was clear that a mobile-based sensor solution would be attractive for Damage Control Companies to increase efficiency and give accurate reporting.

The opportunity of applying efficient Wireless data accquistion and cloud based data structures to collect and keep track of data from the damaged sites was apparent. In the development of the solution focus has been on making a cost efficient quality with a simple ready-to-use user interface making everybody able to operate it.

The Intelligent Monitoring Control System is Smartphone and tablets enabled and all initialization and setup of the systems on-site is done by an Android based device.

In 2017 Dantherm Group accquired the activities in Water Surveillance seeing an international business potential both as a stand alone solution and a dehumidifier integrated solution already developed. The company was accquired by the Dantherm Group and later on the decision was taken to change company name to Dantherm Intelligent Monitoring A/S.

Dantherm Intelligent Monitoring A/S is structured with Management, Sales and concept Development in Brøndby, Denmark. The company has for years worked closely with hardware- and software partners in Latvia.